Provence en Boite
Poached eggs, brioche and ham, topped with hollandaise sauce
Poached eggs, brioche and spinach, topped with hollandaise sauce
Eggs Royale £13.95
Poached egg, brioche and smoked salmon, topped with hollandaise sauce
One shot of espresso, gently frothed with steamed milk, served in French style in a bowl
Your choice of bloody mary, bellini, kir royal or mimosa
Coffee £3.50
Regular drip coffee
Rich Italian roast
Dark chocolate cocoa
Tea £3.50
Ask for our selection of tea blends
French Toast £10.50
Homemade brioche, fresh fruits and red berry coule
A mix of fresh seasonal fruits
Served with sugar, chocolate, jam or Grand Marnier filling, and a dollop Chantilly whipped cream
Tartine £6.50
Toasted baguette with homemade jam and butter
Filled with ground almond paste, and served with powdered sugar and sliced almond on top
French-imported apricot, served in a flaky croissant
*Made fresh and available every Sat. and Sun.
Authentic Saint Genix brioche with imported praline
A French take on the American apple turnover
*Made fresh and available every Sat. and Sun.
A square of flaky croissant with chocolate and almond filling
Hand-rolled croissant with a chocolate center
A glazed raisin swirl
Flaky, buttery and made in-house daily
Bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant
Saucisson, pâté, and salade with cornichons
Ham, Swiss and spinach on a croissant
Slice of country bread layered with a thin coat of bechemel sauce, and topped with ham, melted cheese and two sunny side up eggs
Slice of country bread layered with a thin coat of bechemel sauce, and topped with ham and melted cheese
Onion broth, croutons and melted Swiss cheese
Fromage £15
Four cheeses served with a garden salad and fresh fruit
Omelet £9.50
Choice of ham, mushroom, spinach, onion, cheese or tomato
Grass fed beef, served with French fries and a garden salad
Quiche £10.75
Choice of individual homemade ham, mushroom, spinach or zucchini quiche
Bayonne ham, tomato, heart of palm and parmigian, on a French baguette
Cannes £12
Burrata, tomato and pesto, on a French baguette
Grilled zucchini, tomato, avocado, parsley, heart of palm and yogurt, on a French baguette
Marseille £13.50
Merguez lamb sausage, cucumber yogurt, mint and basil, on a French baguette
Mougins £11
Chicken, broccoli, pickles and pesto, on a French baguette
Ham, brie, chips, cornichon and parsley, on a French baguette
St. Tropez £12.95
Shrimp, beets, goat cheese, leafy greens and tomatoes, on a French baguette